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Happy Birthday To Me.

I was born on this day in 1980 at 6:45 PM. I used to look foward to my birthday that was until my twenty-second.

In 2002 I wanted to be free of being a mom for just one day. That didn't mean that was all I wanted. But I guess my family miss understood. They took Jan and disapeared. I stayed home all that day upset that they didn't do anything for my birthday. It was the lonliest feeling I've ever had.

In 2003 I was homeless and living in my car, nothing was done for my birthday.

In 2004 I was living in a tent in the woods. Only my cousin Sara came by and said happy birthday. I made eggs cause that was all I had and we talked for a little bit. That was it.

In 2005 I was living with Jessi and Shire at Shire's parents house. Her father Padrick played that Beatles birthday song and Shire gave me a book.

2006 was in my Granitevill apartment everyone forgot it was my birthday until two days later. I got a lot of "Sorry I missed your birthday," but I didn't even get one late card.

2007 I was living on Spaulding Street, only my daughter remembered. My mom remembered a week later. It was my sister's birthday a month later before she remembered.

2008 only Jessi remembered. 

2009 my estranged boyfriend showed up on my door step with his two kids. He unloaded a truck full of stuff, all brand new, and all of it was for his kids. I even said it was my birthday. He said "Happy birthday," then proceded to move himself and his kids into my apartment. He could have at least kissed me.

So now I'm left wondering. Will this year be any different?


Happy Birthday! :)