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I had a dream...

Last night I had a dream. This is no big surprise, I dream every night... But what makes this one special is that I can remember the dream itself, not just that I had a dream. I post it in hopes that someone out there knows of dream interpretation and can tell me what it means. I have checked my dream dictionary and three different on-line ones... I was unable to understand how the definitions meshed with each other and so was unable to understand the dream itself. Please help.

The Dream

It started on a close up to a man’s face. (I do know who the man is but since I was seeing him as the character he plays and yet calling him by his real life name, I am not sure which version of him I am supposed to be considering for translation.) He was a vampire, and apparently we were dating because we were sharing a bed when I woke up to his face.

For the first part of the dream, details are a little fuzzy. I can however close my eyes and see the place we lived very clearly but cannot put it into words. I can say it was very clean and spacious. He had a teenage sister, a mother, and a father. The father was the only one I interacted with. He was funny, or tried to be. He had a very lightened personality, but I did notice that he could disappear and reappear at will.

The man (I'm still refusing to tell you who) also had some friends who stopped by. A gay man, a beautiful woman, a fat man, and an old black woman. She was a Vampire too; she was actually the one who changed my man into one. I remember this black woman's face as if I'd known her all my life. I can even still see it now twelve hours after waking. The thing that stood out the most is those dark black spots that come with age all over her face.

She tipped me into the typical position to bite me, bared her fangs and got close. The whole time I was staring at my man, he wore a look that said he was excited for me that I was getting this done. When the black woman didn't do it, my man looked concerned. She turned to him and told him to leave, he did. Then she turned to me and said "you have to leave too. You have something to do. You have to find _______." (For the life of me I cannot remember what she said to find.)

Feeling sad I stood up and walked out the door. I entered into a hall that was lined with doors all the way to the end. Halfway between me and the end of the hall was a metal table like you’d see in police stations questioning rooms. So at the end of the hall I got into the elevator and pushed the down button, the elevator when up. When it opened I entered what I thought was at first a VERY expensive hotel. It looked like the Marriot down in Atlanta, GA is was that plush. But at the reception counter sat police men and women, and over them was a big sign that said Police Station.

I headed for the door to leave and saw my cousin Katie. She looked amazing and I told her so. She just glared at me as if I was disgusting and so I walked right by her. She glared at me all the way out the door. Once outside I knew that I was in New York City, it looked exactly the same as the last time I was down there. I just started walking. After only seconds (or what seemed like seconds) I was in a smaller city, then a big town, then a small town, then I was walking down a country road, and finally I was in the woods on a small path. I finally stopped at a bunch of bushes; the path went right on under them. I bent down to look and saw that I could crawl under them but that it would be difficult and that I'd get scratched on the thorns.

I was also being followed the whole time I was out walking. In NYC I was being followed by the beautiful woman, I couldn't see her but I knew she was there. In the small city the father was with me out of sight, and in the big town my man was there, again out of sight. In the small town the gay man was there. Only he wasn't a man anymore. He was like half human half bird all covered yellow feathers. He was dancing along the roof tops as he followed me and singing. I couldn't see him but I heard him and saw the feathers. It made me laugh. Out on the country road I kept passing these swampy mud holes on either side of the road and the fat man kept poking his head up out of them watching me. For some reason I knew they were protecting me, making sure I got where I was going safe. It made me feel very good, special and loved.

Then when I got to the bushes and had to bend down, they were all there. I felt them standing behind me, I didn't look, don't know why but I knew they were just feet behind me. After I assessed weather I could get through I saw a snake, a little green grass snake. I knew it wasn't really a snake but someone or something else. So I picked it up and put it in my shirt saying "I'll keep you safe."

Also on the ground were the bits of a broken necklace. It was red wooden beads carved each into a different shape and it had black lettering on it. I thought at first they were runes but when I looked closer they didn't look like any runes I'd seen before. I put the beads in my pocket. I was wearing read martial arts pants with pockets. Then I got on my hands and knees to crawl under the briars and that's when I woke up.

So I repeat... If anyone can help, I need to know what it means. I very rarely remember my dreams so when I do I take them as a message from the divine. I must know what the gods are telling me. I beg you all, help if you can.